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Past Meetings

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  • Wed

    Frances Miller – Around the world in 15 years

    7 for 7.30Cotswold Club

    While in the Navy James planned his round-the world voyage and started by selling his 30ft Hillyard and purchasing a Windboats 35ft Fero Hull and then took 5 years to fit it out.  Frances joined him shortly before he was due to set off on a voyage that was to last 15 years. It started conventionally enough to the West Indies, but soon they decided to add Canada and the USA via Bermuda to the itinerary before resuming the passage westwards through the Panama Canal to New Zealand. Once in New Zealand, The Bay of Islands became a base from which to spend several years of cruising the Pacific Islands and Australia.

    The boat as built had several shortcomings and was rebuilt two and a half times over the period and much improved all round. The return voyage took Tara round the top of Australia and on to South Africa, finally completing the circle in the Azores. Careful not to set deadlines, they were cautious with the weather and explored rarely visited spots meeting lots of interesting people on the way.

    A fascinating tale, with lots of twists and turns, but a remarkable voyage and very well sailed. Getting that bit older, Tara was sold and replaced with a fine Dutch-built Motor Boat which they then cruised for several years, but that’s another story…

    Don’t miss this fascinating talk, it will keep you totally riveted from start to finish.